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This is a community for fans of the show Degrassi: Then Next Generation.


1. This community follows America's viewing of Degrassi. If you want to post about episodes shown in Canada, feel free. Know that LJ cuts are your friend. The FAQ about LJ cuts are here . If you blatantly post spoilers without an LJ cut you will be banned.

2. There is also little toleration for spam. If you have a sweet RPG idea or want to get a Degrassi RPG going, make a post. Big banners promoting your RPG or other communities will get your post deleted, repeat offenders will be banned.

3. When I say swearing is not a problem, I mean the occasional "shit." Vulgar other four letter words (and you know what I mean)is not tolerated. Again, if those words need be said, LJ cuts are your friend. If I see someone saying a word like that in a normal post, you will be warned after your second offense you will be banned.

4. This is not an icon tutorial community. This community is to talk about the show. If you want help making icons, join icon_help

If you have any problems, contact one of the moderators
j1nineteen michienoku@yahoo.com
rainingxblood ravenx14@hotmail.com

Know that the e-mails are the personal e-mails of the moderators.
If you have a more broad question, that does not require immediate help, you can contact us at: