rehashing of an old favorite

This survey is from October of last year. I kept it mostly the same but made a few little modifications. Enjoy.

Name: Michelle
Age: 24 in less then 30 days
What was your 1st reaction to Degrassi when you first saw it? What the gay?
Why did you keep watching? It was so INTENSE
What was the 1st episode you ever saw? I dont remember, the first time I saw it was the season 1/2 marathon on the-n
If you could write an episode of Degrassi, what would it be about? Rick would have shot emma in the face, then Liberty, Toby and himself in that order. Sub plot: Ellie and Paige hook up. Yeah, that would be sweet.
If you could change one thing about Degrassi right now, it would be ... I would bring Sean back and move Liberty away.
Guy- Marco - he represents for my "family"
Girl- Paige, I love them both
Adult- the Del Rossi's their accents are cute
Couple- CrAsh / Spanny
Teacher- Snake!
Episode from Seaon 4 so far - the Voices Carry set

Least favorite:
Guy- if I have to pick only 1 I would have to say Toby
Girl- Liberty
Adult- Raditch
Couple- Paige / Mr. O
Teacher- Kwan
Episode from Season 4 so far - Neutron Dance

Who would you do? (answer both!)
Opposite sex: Jimmy!
Same sex: Paige!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of:
Jay - he looks so much better with his hat off
Alex - shes hot and she doesnt take no shit
Danny - Liberty's parents should have been banned from breeding after they had her, but unfortunatly they were not and this creature is the result.
Hazel - useless
Dylan - I love him. I hope he does Marco in the butt
Craig- crazy
Sean- he should throw Emma to the ground more often like in season 1
Emma- she should kill herself
Paige- I <3 her
Jimmy- I hope he can walk soon
Manny- shes gets better every season
Mr. O - Ugly
JT- goddamn he grew up
Liberty- I hope she kills herself soon
Toby- booooo, Rick should have shot him too
Ellie - so hot and wants Ash BAD
Marco- aww I <3 the little gay boy!
Rick - yous dead mothafacko
Joey - hottest. bald guy. ever.
Angela- shes so cute!
Snake- hes cool in a dork kind of way
Chris Sharpe- seems cool, it's sad he was only really around in season 3.
Spinner - I like his hair straight
and finally...

What do you want for the future of Degrassi? I want to see Ellie and Paige hook up. That would be hot


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